Basic of renewal and healing of the body

We gonna go deep with season, discuss health promoting and healing foods as well main misunderstanding of physical activity and right food for trainings.

The workshop includes key recommendations on nutrition and practical, readily applicable recommendations for the introduction of new products and information into your life and the life of your family.
This workshop is the basis of any detox program, as it gives understanding and jump start for such processes as:
– metabolism improvement
– strengthening of immune system
– natural cleansing
– natural detoxification

We will cook:
– Lactose-free milk.
Can be the basis of any smoothies, porridges, puddings, and other ideas for breakfast
– “Recovery smoothie” on the basis of mango and turmeric.
Restores the body after sports or after an illness. And also reduces skin pigmentation after excessive stay on the sun.
– “Autumn salad” based on seasonal ingredients and herbs to improve the microbiome and mineral supply of the body.
– “Superfoods balls”, rejuvenating, energizing before and after workouts.

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Places are limited. Reservation required.