Retrospective Pepe Morales at Kunsthaus Berlin Marbella

Kunstahaus Berlin is glad to announce and to invite you to Pepe Morales´s Retrospective, where unpublished artworks will be exhibit in this magnificent and unique Exhibition.

Since Pepe Morales started his carrera in 1957 until 2013 is the first time this whole unpublished artworks are exhibited. KUNSTHAUS-BERLIN-MARBELLA. Cultural Centre for Contemporary Sponsor from Fred Friedrich Foundation proudly presents this Retrospective with more than 50 artworks curated by Nely Meyer; between sculptures, paintings, secrets and the private collection from the artist, we are sure that will surprise many how have had been followed him.

Special Performance from Gran Artista Hoffman. José Manuel Rodriguez Hoffman Forever given a Homage to Camilo Sesto.