Do you know what you’re going to wear to the grand start of season party at the Amàre Marbella hotel? They say it’ll be a glamorous event, where great food and fashionable cocktails will compete to seduce your discerning taste buds.

Get dressed up, but make sure you’re comfortable because it’s going to be a long night. After a luxury exhibition of classic cars, an elegant fashion show will be held featuring some of the best creations by Like the Queen, followed by what we like best about Amàre Club: music from the soul and plenty of fun. They say that all the best Costa del Sol DJs will be there, and that their tunes will be accompanied by surprising live shows and, of course, the gentle swaying of go-go artists.

Don’t forget, it’s on Friday 22 April. See you at Amàre Marbella to enjoy a unique event beside the sea. Don’t miss it!