Marbella’s Old Town walk

Take a walk through Marbella’s old town.

Partially surrounded by the ruins of an old Arab wall with narrow white washed streets, old churches and squares, as well as lots of fascinating shops and boutiques At the heart of the old town is Orange Square which dates back to 1485 and, according to Christian urban design, is surrounded by whitewashed houses and three historical buildings – the town hall, the old governor’s house and the Chapel of Santiago. The gardens are full of brightly coloured flowers and orange trees and in the centre stands a bust of King Juan Carlos 1.

Watch our newst video about Marbella’s Old Town which was made in Februar 2016 at the off season time. Marbella’s old town is very quite in this period of the year. Also alot of restaurants are close till easter time. But also in wintertime, there is always a nice feeling going around in Marbella’s old town, through the empty streets.

We will make another Marbella old town walk in sommer time when the streets are crouded and the restaurants are full of tourists and locals also. Enjoy having a cafe in the sun or drink a glass of cava in one of the small bars around. You can also find a lot of fine dining restaurants, but remember to make a reservation in advance in high season.


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