Top 5 Best Beach Clubs in Marbella for 2017

List of the top 5 best beach clubs in Marbella for summer season 2017!

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Marbella this summer, you have to know which are the best beach clubs in Marbella and Puerto Banus? Well, there are a lot of beach clubs at Costa del Sol, but you can count the best and most amazing beach clubs in Marbella on one hand. Here is our ranking for summer 2017:

  1. Nikki Beach MarbellaLocated in Elviria, east of Marbella we think that this is the most amazing and most famous beach club in Marbella. Here you will find all the rich men and all the beautiful girls. Therefore also the most expensive one. They have a small pool and the beach is nice and sandy. DJ’s playing best music and a lot of live acts make this beach club our first choice in Marbella.
  2. Ocean Club MarbellaThis beach club is the only one with pool only. Its located on the beach close to famous Puerto Banus but has no sunbeds  on the Beach. Known for the Champagner Spray Parties and its very large pool. Best day to go is Sunday.
  3. La Sala by the SeaLa Sala by the sea is the smallest beach club in Marbella, but very famous at young people. Small pool but sunbeams available at beachside. very busy at high season.
  4. PuroBeach MarbellaIf you want to relax and listen to cool chill out  music, having good cocktails. this is the beach club in Marbella you will like. Located west of Marbella, close to Estepona in Laguna Village, this beach club is our personal favorite. very comfortable sunbeds surrounding a large pool. and even on the beach they have a lot of very nice sunbeds. The service is also excellent. pre booking highly recommended.
  5. Funky Buddha Beach MarbellaThis is the newest beach club im Marbella. Located east of Marbella, it opened in this summer as a part of well known Funky Buddha nightclub in Marbella. With large pool, sandy beach and good music, we are sure that this beach club will became one of the best in the next years.

There are a lot of other beach clubs in and around Marbella. You can see all the list here: All Beach Clubs in Marbella


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