Roger Hudgson @ Starlite Festival Marbella

Roger Hudgson Marbella 2019

Roger Hodgson performed for the second time on Saturday in Marbella at the annual Starlite Music Festival 2019. As expected the former Supertramp singer sang all the famous hits.

Some music is just immortal or at least so strong that it can keep individual musicians alive for many years.

Punctually at 10:10 pm and of course with the gallant ten minutes later, the musicians and Roger Hodgson, the only surviving from the hit band Supertramp, enter the stage in a white suit, the gentleman came in a good mood and immediately start with “Take The Long Way Home”, the evening’s first big hit. With the infinite chart-topping repertoire of the iconic pop-rock band Supertramp, it’s clear that this will not be going to be Hudgson’s only ace up his sleeve, on the contrary, countless numbers of hits should follow. His distinctive voice has barely changed in the past 50 years when Roger Hudgson’s already starts making music.

His band is at its finest and the hits still sound like they are in our ear as a memory, even if he renounces a guitarist in the band and therefore the guitar solos must be taken over by the keyboardist. The songwriter, of course, does not forget to play some songs from his already 19-year-old solo album “Open the Doors”. The audience is impressed less so because it is only waiting for the super hits from the 70s and 80s. Accordingly, and the mostly old audience is only to get up from chairs and clap on the request of Roger Hudgson. Even with hits like “Dreamer” or “Breakfast in America”, that’s about 60 years old audience prefer to keep sitting.

He also will be 70 years old next year, Roger Hudgson, ex Mastermind and Supertramp’s hit writer, knows how to be charming and make some nice words and stories to the audience. For the song “Death and a Zoo” he asks the audience how it would decide, if you were an animal and are captured, then you would rather prefer to die or land in the zoo? He also tries to say it in Spanish what the audience likes audibly Listen to it. A charmer is Roger too as he says; It always sounds so good in Spain. And he is not so wrong. Located in a former quarry in the mountains 10 minutes drive from the beaches of Marbella, the team of the Starlite Festival has created a fantastic backdrop with a stage with excellent acoustics under the stars. And unlike other summer stages in Europe, you certainly do not need to worry about rainy the concert.

In the end, of course, there were only hits to hear. Give a little bit and The logical song has finally brought the audience to a standing ovation. The fans would hardly have accepted anything else. lastly, they wanted to shut out all worries for two hours, and celebrate themselves and their nostalgia a bit.

Thank you, Roger Hudgson for your great songs, and thank you Starlite Festival to bring all these great Musicians to Marbella.

Setlist: Take The Long Way Home / School / In Jeopardy / Breakfast In America / Easy Does It / Sister Moonshine / Along Came Mary / The Logical Song / Death And A Zoo / Only Because Of You / Lord Is It Mine / Child Of Vision / Say Goodbye / Don’t Leave Me Now / Dreamer / Fool’s OvertureEncore: Give A Little Bit / It’s Raining Again

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